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Type difference of reactor

2018-11-29 16:22:01


The reaction vessel is a vessel for carrying out chemical reactions, and various reaction conditions are suitable for chemical reaction of various materials under high temperature and high pressure. The reaction kettle is the basic equipment of the raw material pharmaceutical factory. The mutual reaction between several raw materials and the purification of the raw materials can provide the environment, temperature, pressure and the like required for the reaction. The reactor consists of a kettle body, a kettle lid, a jacket, a stirrer, a transmission device, and a shaft sealing device.

According to the classification of materials, the reactor can be divided into: glass reactor, stainless steel reactor, enamel reactor, etc. The differences of different types of reactors are:

1, the difference between the glass reactor and the stainless steel reactor: the glass reactor has excellent acid and alkali corrosion resistance, chemical stability is good, but the heat transfer ability is poor. The stainless steel reactor is just the opposite, has excellent heat transfer ability, but has poor resistance to strong acid and alkali.



2. Difference between enamel reactor and glass reactor: Both reactors are acid- and alkali-resistant anticorrosive reactors. Enamel is a layer of ceramic sintered to resist chemical corrosion. The glass-lined reactor is also a type of glass reactor, which means that a layer of glass is pre-sintered inside the metal, but the glass-lined reactor cannot be used for alkaline materials because the glass is dissolved by the alkali and the equipment is corroded.

3, the difference between stainless steel reactor and enamel reactor: stainless steel reactor can be agile heating, high temperature, sanitary, without the need for boiler active heating.

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