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What are the characteristics of chemical machinery?

2018-11-29 16:21:20

Chemical machinery and equipment are the general term for the machines and equipment used in the chemical industry. In chemical production, in order to process raw materials into certain specifications, a series of chemical processes such as raw material pretreatment, chemical reaction, and separation and refining of reaction products are often required. The machinery used to complete these processes is often classified as chemical machinery. .

Chemical machinery is an indispensable production equipment in chemical plants. The distinguishing features of chemical machinery from other machinery are:

(1) There are various forms of energy involved, and the process of transformation between them is also complicated. The most common forms of energy are heat, mechanical energy, chemical energy, electromagnetic energy, etc.



(2) The nature of the working fluid is variable, such as its composition, composition and its phase change;


(3) The operating conditions are very wide, and the operating parameters are special, such as high and low pressure, high and low speed, high and low temperature, high and low viscosity, etc.

(4) It has excellent characteristics to adapt to different chemical properties. Thus constitutes the ever-changing special structure of chemical machinery equipment. In general, it can be divided into chemical equipment and chemical machinery. Chemical equipment includes various vessels such as heat exchangers, towers, reactors, and the like. Its main active components are generally stationary. Maybe there is very little exercise. Chemical machinery includes centrifuges, filters, crushers, rotary kilns and rotary dryers. Its main components are often moving, such as special pumps, compressors, transporters and so on. Both have the characteristics of chemical machinery.

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