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How to properly clean the condenser?

2018-11-29 16:18:01


The condenser cleaning is divided into physical cleaning and chemical cleaning. The physical cleaning generally uses high-pressure water jet to sort out the dirt of the condenser copper tube; if the scale is hard scale, it should be chemically cleaned, and the scale cannot be removed by physical means. In order for the condenser to operate in an optimized state, the condenser must be subjected to a specialized chemical treatment, the correct procedure being as follows.

1. Close the valve of cooling water into and out of the condenser, use a thermometer tube, a pressure gauge tube or a drain pipe to connect the anti-corrosion pump and the liquid distribution tank to make a small circulation system and cycle cleaning.

2. First add the pickling corrosion inhibitor, this agent is a special copper corrosion inhibitor, which is attached to the inner wall of the condenser metal to avoid acid and metal reaction.

3. Then add a solid pickling cleaning agent, which is used to clean the scale of calcium carbonate scale as the primary component. The cleaning agent is a composite solid organic acid, white crystal, non-corrosive to metal, weak acid, and the amount of cleaning agent is scaled according to equipment. Depending on the amount.



4. Add mud scale stripper (optional). If the scale of the condenser equipment is thick, it is required to increase the scale stripper. The product after the scale reaction is promoted to dissolve quickly in water and accelerate the deep scale reaction.

5. Adding neutralizing passivating agent, after chemical cleaning in the condenser, neutralizing the residual acid to avoid oxidation of the metal surface to form secondary floating rust.

6. In general, the chiller condenser is very easy to scale. Normally, it should be treated daily in the summer cooling period. Otherwise, it will operate under the environment of high hardness and water. The inorganic salt dissolved in water in the circulating water system will follow the temperature. The elevated crystals are precipitated, and scale formation on the wall of the heat transfer surface of the condenser causes the heat exchange power to decrease, so that it must be cleaned in time.

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